Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship

The Chancellor of the University speaks about the Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship (VC Nominating Committee) reports to Council with a recommendation that a named individual be appointed as the next Vice-Chancellor. Council then submits to Congregation the name of the individual proposed for appointment.

The current Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, took up post on 1 January 2016. Her term comes to an end in autumn 2023. As has been the case in previous years, the process of appointing her successor has now begun, two years before the end of her term, to ensure the next post-holder is in a position to take up the role in late 2023.

The membership of the Nominating Committee is listed below. It includes members representing different elements of the University, including Conference of Colleges, the Academic Divisions and Congregation, as well as members appointed by Council. The Nominating Committee has started meeting now with the intention of recommending a name to Council in Trinity Term 2022 (who will then submit to Congregation the name of the individual proposed for appointment) a full year ahead of the end of Professor Richardson’s term, as required by Regulations.

As part of the recruitment process, the Committee is interested from hearing from any member of the University community with views about the role of Vice-Chancellor, or about the qualities required of potential candidates for the role. The Committee is therefore seeking views on the following question: 

“What are your thoughts on the nature of the role of the Vice-Chancellor, and on the background and qualities required of potential candidates for the role, given the likely challenges of the coming decade?”

If you would like to submit your views for consideration by the Committee you can do so by emailing the Chancellor, as Chair of the Committee, at All emails will be received in confidence, and members of the Committee will receive only anonymised feedback.

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Membership as at TT 2022 will be as follows


Name Conditions of Appointment  Until

The Rt Hon the Lord Patten of Barnes

Chancellor ex officio
Mr Miles Young, New College Chair of Conference of Colleges ex oficio
Huw Dorkins, St Peter’s College One of four persons, not also being members of Council, elected by Congregation MT 2025
Professor James Naismith – Jesus College As above MT 2022
Professor Martin Maidan – Hertford College As above MT 2025
Dr Sam Wolfe – St Catherine's College As above MT 2022
Professor Nandini Gooptu – St Antony’s College One of three persons appointed by Council, of whom, if the Chancellor is to chair the committee personally, one shall be one of the external members of Council MT 2025
Dr Maheshi Ramasamy – Magdalen College As above MT 2025

Charles Harman (external member of Council)

As above HT 2023
Professor Gavin Screaton (Medical Sciences) One person appointed by each of the divisional boards MT 2025
Professor Melinda Mills, Nuffield (Social Sciences) As above MT 2025
Professor Julia Smith, Chichele Professor of Medieval History, All Souls (Humanities) As above MT 2022
Professor Sam Howison, Christ Church (MPLS) As above MT 2022
Baroness Jan Royall, Principal of Somerville A person, not also being a member of Council, elected by the Conference of Colleges MT 2025
Also attending (the Committee may allow two student representatives and one early career research representative to attend as non-voting attendees):
Anvee Bhutani, President of Oxford SU    
Devika Devika, Vice-President (Graduates) of Oxford SU    
Dr Ed Darnbrough, Career Development Fellow, Department of Materials    
Secretary: Mr Antony Willott



For the regulations of the Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship, please click here:


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