Safety, Health and Environment Management Subcommittee

The Safety, Health and Environment Management Subcommittee of the General Purposes Committee (SHEMS) is responsible for creating and monitoring the management strategy and policies necessary for the University to discharge its legal and other obligations in respect of occupational health, safety and the environment. At its termly meetings the subcommittee receives and considers relevant reports and audit findings. It also receives minutes and comments from the Consultative Committee on Health & Safety. Following each meeting the subcommittee reports to GPC on the main matters discussed. It also reports annually for Council, via GPC.

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Membership as at MT 2021 will be as follows

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Professor Peter Bruce, Dept of Materials A member of Congregation appointed by the Vice-Chancellor as chair of the committee Completion of Review
[2] Senior Proctor (Ms Lucinda Rumsey, Mansfield) One of the Proctors and the Assessor as may be agreed between them ex officio
[3] Professor Anne Trefethen, St Cross The Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for Academic Services and University Collections ex officio
[4] Professor Patrick Grant The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)  ex officio
[5] Dr David Prout, Queen’s The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) ex officio
[6] Ms Lynne Hirsch, Divisional Administration Nominee of the Head of the Humanities Division ex officio
[7] Mr Ian Bishop, Dept of Materials Nominee of the head of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division or his or her nominee ex officio
[8] Ms Carolyn McKee, Green Templeton Nominee of the Head of the Medical Sciences Division ex officio
[9] Dr Elizabeth Ewart, St Peter's Nominee of the Head of the Social Sciences Division ex officio
[10] Vacancy (vice Dr David Prout, Queen's) One of two persons appointed by Council, taking into account the overall balance of the committee's membership MT 2023
[11] Vacancy (vice Professor Tim Coulson, Jesus) As above MT 2023
[12] Ms Helen King, Principal of St Anne's The Chair of the Security Subcommittee  ex officio
[13] Dr Nick Brown The Chair of the Building and Estates Subcommittee or their nominee ex officio
Co-opted (The subcommittee may co-opt up to four additional members, who shall hold office for such period as the committee may determine)
  Mr Bart Ashton, Lady Margaret Hall Co-opted member   
Secretary: Planning and Council Sectretariat (Mrs Rebecca Thomas)
Date Time Venue
Thursday 18 November 12:30-14:30 TBC



For the regulations of the The Safety, Health and Environment Management Subcommittee of the General Purposes Committee (SHEMS), please click here:


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