College Accounts Committee

The College Accounts Committee is responsible for considering each year the audited accounts of each of the colleges which are presented under the provisions of Statute XV and any associated regulations, for authorising the publication within the University of the audited annual accounts of the colleges and for providing data to the General Purposes Committee (GPC) of Council drawn from the college financial information received. 

The CAC assists GPC in the management of the potential risk to the University arising from a serious threat to the financial sustainability of one or more colleges. The CAC carries out this role through an annual assessment of the financial results of the colleges. The Committee’s role is limited to the making of this assessment. Whether (or what) action might be required in response is a matter for GPC.

Membership as at MT 2020 is as follows


  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Dr Claire Craig CBE, Provost of The Queen’s college (delegate)  The Vice-Chancellor (or her delegate) MT 2023
[2] Mrs Eleanor Burnett, St Edmund Hall A person who shall have financial experience, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor MT 2022
[3] Professor Fabian Essler, Worcester A member of Council appointed by Council MT 2022
[4] Dr David Prout, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) A person appointed by Council who need not be a member of Council     MT 2023

Kathryn Pocock, Wolfson

One of three persons elected by the Conference of Colleges MT 2021
[6] Ms Sally Layburn, St John's As above   MT 2020
[7] Mr Stuart Woodward, Jesus As above      MT 2022
Secretary: Planning and Council Secretariat (Rebecca Thomas)


Date Time Venue
1 February 2021 2.30 pm The Magrath Room, The Queen’s College
8 March 2021 2.30 pm The Magrath Room, The Queen’s College



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Rebecca Thomas

Senior Administrative Officer (Governance)

Planning and Council Secretariat