Congregation Meeting, 16 May 2017

Further details about the meeting and the two items of business can be found in Gazette No 5168, 11 May 2017.

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The text of the resolution was: ‘The EJRA in the University of Oxford should be abolished.’

The resolution was rejected at the meeting. The result of the vote at the meeting was as follows:

64 votes in favour, 143 votes against.

A postal vote was called on the resolution (as announced in the Gazette on 25 May). The result was as follows:

538 votes in favour; 1142 votes against.

The resolution was accordingly rejected. The result confirms the outcome of the vote on 16 May.

The above transcript was published as a supplement to the Gazette of 25 May.

This was published with the Gazette of 1 June 2017

Further information on the EJRA policy and procedure can be found on the Personnel Services website

The EJRA consultation website and information on the conclusions of the Review Group can be found on the University Staff website.

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