Data Assurance Group

Responsibility for oversight of process, systems and review to ensure accurate and valid external data returns rests with the Data Assurance Group, chaired by a senior manager nominated by the Registrar, which reports to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee, a committee of Council.

The remit of the Committee is as follows:

  1. The Data Assurance Group (DAG) will be responsible to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) for the implementation of the data quality policy and oversight of a University framework for management and accountability of data quality of external data returns.
  2. The Group will have a commitment to communicate, maintain and encourage a culture that values data quality throughout the organisation.
  3. DAG will report to PRAC and Audit and Scrutiny Committee as required, but at least on an annual basis.
  4. The Chair of DAG will be appointed by the Registrar and will be a senior individual at top management level with strategic responsibility for the management and co-ordination of data quality assurance, noting that operational issues are the responsibility of the senior managers and teams responsible for congruent areas.
  5. Members of DAG will include, but will not be limited to, the senior managers responsible for data and for major external data returns for the University. The DAG will have oversight of the data assurance policies which cover congruent groupings, each of which will have a nominated senior individual responsible for data quality:
  • Finance Data
  • Student Data
  • Staff Data
  • Estates Data
  • Research Data
  • Development and Alumni Relations Data
  1. The Group will liaise with those responsible for risk, assurance, data protection and data security at the University level.
  2. DAG will have standing items on a termly agenda which ensure review and revision of data assurance issues, to ensure that material changes are co-ordinated and communicated.

Should you have any queries relating to DAG, please contact the Group’s Secretary: Benjamin Neudorfer

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