General Purposes Committee

The General Purposes Committee (GPC) advises Council on policy in respect of issues or activities which are university-wide and transcend the remit of the other main committees of Council or other specialist committees as appropriate. Its remit includes responsibility for strategic issues relating to risk management.

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Membership as at HT 2023 will be as follows:

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Professor Irene Tracey (Chair) The Vice-Chancellor ex officio
[2] Professor Jane Mellor, Queen's The Senior Proctor ex officio
[3] Dr Linda Flores, Harris Manchester The Junior Proctor ex officio
[4] Dr Richard Earl, Worcester The Assessor ex officio
[5] Baroness Jan Royall, Principal of Somerville The Chair of the Conference of Colleges ex officio
[6] Professor Dan Grimley, Merton College The Head of the Division of Humanities ex officio
[7] Professor Sam Howison, Christ Church (Acting Head) The Head of the Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences ex officio
 [8] Professor Gavin Screaton The Head of the Division of Medical Sciences ex officio
[9] Professor Timothy Power, St Antony’s The Head of the Division of Social Sciences ex officio
[10] Professor Nandini Gooptu, St Antony's One of three persons appointed by Council from among the members of Council specified in section 4 (15)-(25) of Statute VI [i.e. those members elected by Congregation] MT 2025
[11] Professor Patricia Daley, Jesus As above MT 2024
[12] TBC As above TBC
[13] Michael-Akolade Ayodeji, University College The President of the Oxford University Student Union ex officio
Secretary: Council Secretariat (Ms Louise Hasler)

These meetings begin at 11.00am unless notified otherwise






Michaelmas Term 2022



Week 2

17 October 2022
(by correspondence)

3 October 2022

Week 6

14 November 2022

31 October 2022

Week 10

12 December 2022
(by correspondence)

28 November 2022

Hilary Term 2023



Week 2

23 January 2023
(by correspondence)

9 January 2023

Week 6

20 February 2023

6 February 2023

Week 10

20 March 2023
(by correspondence)

6 March 2023

Trinity Term 2023



Week 2

2 May 2023*
(by correspondence)

17 April 2023

Week 6

30 May 2023*

15 May 2023

Week 10

26 June 2023

12 June 2023

*Tuesday to avoid a Bank Holiday


For the regulations of the General Purposes Committee please click here:


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Louise Hasler

Assistant Registrar (Governance)

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