Ball Foundation and Lecturer

1. A lecture, or course of lectures, or a colloquium, carrying the name of Sidney Ball and dealing with modern social, economic, or political questions shall be established in the University of Oxford.

2. The sum of £500 5% War Loan Stock (1929-47), and the stocks, funds, and securities for the time being representing the same, shall form a fund, to be called the ‘Sidney Ball Lecture Fund’.

3. The capital of the fund shall be invested in the name of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford in government securities or in other securities in which trustees are by law allowed to invest trust money, with power for the University from time to time to vary such securities for others of a like nature.

4. There shall be a board of management, which shall consist of such persons as the Board of the Faculty of Social Studies shall determine. The board of management shall from time to time as it shall see fit arrange lectures and colloquia, as defined in clause 1 above, and may make payments to the speakers from the income of the fund.

5. The first charge on the income of the fund shall be the payment of such speakers’ fees and expenses. The board of management may apply any income not required for that purpose in any other way for the further advancement in the University of social, economic, and political studies.

6. This decree may be altered by Council, provided that the foundation shall always bear the title of the Sidney Ball Foundation, and that its main objects, namely, the perpetuation of the memory of Sidney Ball, and the encouragement of Social and Economic Studies, shall be kept in view.

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