Council Regulations 11 of 2002

Made by Council on 26 June 2002

Amended by Council with effect from 27 November 2020 (Gazette, Vol.151, p.112, 12 November 2020)

1. St Cross College shall be a society through which persons who are graduates of other universities (or in the opinion of the governing body possess comparable qualifications) and who are not members of any college, society, Permanent Private Hall, or other institution designated by Council by regulation as being permitted to present candidates for matriculation may be admitted as members of the University.

2. The governing body may admit to membership of St Cross College:

(1) students desiring to work for research degrees;

(2) other graduate students desiring to pursue academic work in Oxford;

(3) other persons at the discretion of the governing body.

3. The governing body shall consist of the Master and Official and Pusey Fellows and such other fellows as shall be made members of the governing body in accordance with by-laws determined by the governing body and approved by Council under regulation 4 (1) below.

4. (1) The governing body may from time to time make by-laws which, when approved by Council, shall be binding on all Fellows of St Cross College.

(2) The governing body shall also have full powers (subject to the provisions of these regulations) to do all that may be necessary to administer St Cross College as a graduate society for men and women, subject to the following conditions:

(a) it shall submit a report annually to Council;

(b) it shall submit estimates to Council in Hilary Term in respect of the ensuing financial year, and shall satisfy Council that no charge will fall on university funds except such as may be provided by Council.

5. (1) The Master of St Cross College shall be appointed by Council, after it has considered any recommendations which the governing body may submit, on such terms and conditions as Council shall determine.

(2) The Master may hold his or her office in conjunction with a professorship, readership, university lecturership, or other university teaching or research post if Council, after consultation with the relevant divisional board and any other bodies concerned, shall so decide.

6. The officers of St Cross College shall be appointed by the governing body on such terms and conditions as it may determine, subject to the approval of Council.

7. The governing body may elect to Official Fellowships at the college, on terms and conditions determined by the governing body and approved by Council, the holders of university appointments who are entitled to fellowships under the provisions of any statute or regulation, or who will become so entitled if their university appointments are confirmed to retiring age.

8. (1) A board ('the Nominating Board') composed of not more than two Official Fellows of the college elected for the purpose by the governing body and not more than six of the charity trustees of the Charity known as Pusey House COI (registered charity number 1190385) shall nominate suitably qualified persons for Pusey Fellowships at the college.

(2) The governing body shall admit persons so nominated to Pusey Fellowships at the college and to membership of the governing body as they present themselves for admission, on condition that such Pusey Fellowships shall not exceed three in number.

(3) Pusey Fellowships shall be on terms and conditions to be determined by the governing body and approved by Council, but to be no less favourable to the Pusey Fellows than those applicable to Official Fellowships

(4) The Nominating Board shall make its own procedural regulations, subject to the following conditions:

(a) reasonable notice of all meetings shall be sent to every member of the board;

(b) notice having been sent in accordance with (a) above, the quorum for meetings of the board shall be any five members.

9. The governing body may elect suitably qualified persons to other categories of fellowships approved by Council, on terms and conditions determined by the governing body and approved by Council.

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