Litchfield Trust for Clinical Instruction

1. The trust fund created by the will of George Henry, Earl of Litchfield, shall be transferred to, and henceforth stand in the corporate name of the University. The income from this trust fund, together with any accumulations thereof, shall be applied in or towards providing Clinical Instruction in Oxford for members of the University, such instruction to be given by a clinical professor, or by one or more clinical lecturer or lecturers. The qualifications and mode of appointment of any clinical professor or lecturer, the tenure and duties of the office, the conditions on which instruction shall be given, and all other matters respecting the office which it may be expedient to regulate by decree, may be regulated by or under decrees of the University made from time to time.

2. (a) The annual income of the Litchfield Endowment shall be applied to the provision of clinical lectures for members of the University and the instruction given in these lectures shall be such as will be of profit to clinical students as well as to advanced students in that field.

(b) The Board of the Faculty of Clinical Medicine shall appoint one or more lecturers annually who shall be persons of distinction in some branch of clinical medicine and shall be known as Litchfield Lecturers.

(c) The board shall specify at the time of appointment the number of lectures which it requires from each lecturer.

(d) A Litchfield lecturer shall receive a fee and expenses which shall be determined in each case by the Board of the Faculty of Clinical Medicine, having regard to the income of the endowment for the time being.

(e) The Nuffield Professor of Surgery* shall hold the title of Litchfield Lecturer in Surgery, but shall not receive any emoluments as Litchfield Lecturer in addition to the stipend he or she receives as Nuffield Professor of Surgery, or be required to deliver any lectures in addition to those he or she is required to deliver as Nuffield Professor of Surgery.

(f) The Board of the Faculty of Clinical Medicine shall apply any surplus in the fund either to provide, on such terms as the board may think fit, clinical lectures other than those given by the Litchfield Lecturers or to augment the capital of the fund.

See also Council Regulations 24 of 2002, Nuffield Professor of Surgery

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