Shaw Professor of Chinese

Amended by the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council on 28 April 2011


1. The Shaw Professor of Chinese shall lecture and give instruction within the field of Chinese language and literature.

2. The professor shall be elected by an electoral board consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor, or, if the Master of University College is Vice-Chancellor, a person appointed by Council;

(2) the Master of University College, or, if the Master is unable or unwilling to act, a person appointed by the Governing Body of University College;

(3) a person appointed by the Governing Body of University College;

(4), (5) two persons appointed by Council;

(6) the Head of the Humanities Division, or his or her nominee;

(7)–(9) three persons appointed by the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

3. The professor shall be subject to the General Provisions of the regulations concerning the duties of professors and to those Particular Provisions of the same regulations as to residence which are applicable to this chair. He or she shall give not less than thirty-six lectures or classes in the year, provided that this obligation may be reduced in exceptional circumstances with the approval of the faculty board concerned.


Conditions upon which an endowment of a Professorship of Chinese was accepted by Convocation on 5 December 1879

Whereas James Macandrew, William Walkinshaw, Alfred Howell, and James Banks Taylor, Esquires, Trustees of a sum of £3,003 which has been subscribed by persons interested in promoting the study of Chinese, have offered forthwith to invest the same in £3 per cent Government annuities in the name of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford, upon the following terms and conditions.

1. The said sum of £3,003, and the stocks, funds, and securities in or upon which the same shall for the time being be invested, shall be regarded as a capital fund specifically appropriated towards the endowment of a Professorship of the Chinese Language and Literature in the University of Oxford.

2. The dividends on the said capital fund, and on any additions which may hereafter be made thereto, shall be paid to the person who, whether under the provisions of any existing statute of the University in that behalf or of any statute or decree to be made hereafter, shall hold for the time being the office of Professor of the Chinese Language and Literature in the University.

3. If, on any vacancy occurring in the office of such professor, it shall seem expedient to Council that the appointment of a new professor should be suspended, the dividends accruing during the period for which such appointment shall be suspended shall be invested in augmentation of the capital fund.

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