Strategic Capital Steering Group

Strategic Capital Steering Group (SCSG) establishes the strategy for investment in the University’s physical estate. It allocates funding to functional estate projects from the Strategic Capital Fund, usually with a value over £15m, and oversees the gateway approval process, obtaining approval from Finance Committee and Council for expenditure on strategic projects. It is also responsible for recommending to Finance Committee development proposals for functional estate by the joint venture, Oxford University Property Development.

Membership as at TT 2021 will be as follows

  Name Conditions of Appointment Until
[1] Dr David Prout Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) who shall chair the Group ex officio
[2] Professor Sam Howison the head of MPLS division ex officio
[3] Professor Karen O'Brien the head of Humanities division ex officio
[4] Professor Gavin Screaton the head of Medical Sciences division ex officio
[5] Professor Dame Sarah Whatmore the head of Social Sciences division ex officio
[6] Professor Martin Williams Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) ex officio
[7] Professor Patrick Grant Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) ex officio
[8] Professor Anne Trefethan Pro-Vice-Chancellor (People and Gardens, Libraries and Museums) ex officio
[9] Mr Bernard Taylor One of two external members appointed by Council, not being members of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee MT 2021
[10] [vacancy] One of two external members appointed by Council, not being members of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee  
[11] Ms Kirsten Gillingham Interim Director of Finance ex officio
[12] Senior Proctor (Ms Lucinda Rumsey, Mansfield) one of the Proctors or the Assessor as may be agreed between them ex officio
Secretary: Planning and Council Secretariat (Elizabeth Botwright)


Date Time
21 September 2020 9am - 11am
19 October 2020 9am - 11am
9 November 2020 9am - 11am
7 December 2020 9am - 11am
1 February 2021 9am - 11am
1 March 2021 9am - 11am
29 March 2021 9am - 11am
17 May 2021 10am - 12pm
14 June 2021 9am - 11am
12 July 2021 10am - 12pm



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