Plan of Regular Items of Council Business, 2022/23

Michaelmas term 2022

Timing Item of business
Michaelmas Term week 1 (10 October 2022) (the default is that this meeting will not take place).
  • Urgent business only which requires discussion not just decision.
  • This meeting was cancelled.
Michaelmas Term week 4 (31 October 2022)
  • Councils’ Standing Orders 2022/23
  • Trustees’ duties, including the Charity Commission’s Guidance on Public Benefit
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Public Sector Equality Duty
  • Schedule of Council’s business for 2022/23
  • Dates of Council meetings 2022/23. Confirmation of the date of the Away Day 2023
  • Council three year self-review report
  • Financial update
  • Annual reports of the main committees of Council
  • Oral annual report of Chair of Personnel Committee (PVC People and Digital)
Michaelmas Term week 8 (28 November 2022)
  • Annual Audit and Scrutiny report
  • University Risk Register
  • University financial statements and commentary (through Finance Committee)
  • Annual financial return and commentary return for OfS
  • Annual Provider Review: quality assurance statement (from EdC)
  • Annual Prevent report to OfS
  • Annual Assurance return
  • Annual Report on Value for Money (via A&SC and then PRAC)
  • Annual report on retirement (from Personnel Committee)
  • Annual report ESSC
  • Safety Executive Group (SEG) First annual report on progress
  • Head of Division report: MPLS (confirmed)
  • Crisis Management Framework Review
  • Revised schedule of business


Hilary term 2023

Timing Item of business
Hilary Term week 1 (16 January 2023) (default is this meeting will not take place).
  • Urgent business only which requires discussion not just decision.
Hilary Term week 4 (6 February 2023)
  • OUP report to Council: strategy update
  • Undergraduate fees and funding for 2024/25 (through EdC and PRAC)
  • PRAC
    • Receive Divisional Plans for approval
    • Update on Strategic Plan implementation
    • Approval of University Planning Settlement 2023-26 (may move to March)
    • Report on Q1 forecast
    • Oral annual report from the Chair of PRAC
    • Gender Pay Gap reporting (through Personnel Committee)
  • Head of Division report: Humanities
  • Honorary Degrees Committee report

ACER annual report

Hilary Term week 9 (13 March 2023)
  • Audit and Scrutiny Committee report  - Annual effectiveness review
  • Finance Committee report
    • Oral report from Chair Education Committee (confirmed)
    • Annual Equality Report
  • Head of Division report: Social Science (confirmed)


Trinity term 2023

Timing Item of business
Trinity Term week 1 (25 April 2022) (default is that meeting will not take place)
  • Urgent business only which requires discussion not just decision.
Trinity Term week 4 (15 May 2023)
  • Audit and Scrutiny Committee report
  • Finance Committee report
  • GPC
    • College Accounts Committee annual indicators report
  • PRAC
    • Q2 financial forecast
    • Update on Strategic Plan implementation
  • CRDRF annual report
    • Access and Participation Plan 2023/24 (through EdC)
  • New Assessor arrangements following review (to come through GPC)
  • Head of Division oral annual report: Medical Sciences
  • Oral annual report Chair of Research and Innovation Committee (confirmed)
Trinity Term week 9 (19 June 2023)
  • Investment Committee annual report
  • OUP annual report
  • OUP financial statements (through Finance Committee)
    • Oxford SU annual impact report to Council (through Education Committee
  • IT Strategic Plan – annual implementation report
  • Prevent Steering Group – update (tbc)
  • Registrars report (confirmed)
July meeting (10 July 2023)

Committee items

  • Education Committee
    • Annual Report of the PPH Supervisory Committee (through EdC)
    • Annual Report of the Joint Supervisory Committee for Visiting Students (through EdC)
  • PRAC
    • Strategic Plan annual report
    • Student Number Planning annual report
    • University budget 2023/24
  • Audit and Scrutiny Committee termly report
  • Appointment of external auditor for 2023 audit
  • University Risk Register (URR)
  • GPC
    • Annual report on Compliance with OfS Registration requirements
    • Annual report of the Security Subcommittee
    • Information Compliance annual report
    • College Contributions Committee report
  • Head of GLAM oral annual report
  • Honorary Degrees Committee report
September Away Day (c.22 September 2023 tbc)
  • Strategic discussions