Elections by Congregation: Curators of the Sheldonian Theatre - MT 2021


On Thursday 25 November 2021 the following was duly elected to the Curators of the Sheldonian to hold office with immediate effect until the start of MT 2023:

Dr Pegram Harrison, BA Yale, MBA Lond, PhD Camb, Brasenose, Saïd Business School

[The votes recorded were: for Dr Harrison, 887; and for Mark Williams, 625]


One member of Congregation elected by Congregation to serve with immediate effect until the start of MT2023 [vice Dr Andrew Fairweather-Tall]

General Notes

Electronic elections

The elections on 25 November will be conducted electronically.


Hard copies of nomination forms will not be processed. Completed nomination forms should be sent as an email attachment to the Elections Office  by 4pm on 28 October. At least one nomination in respect of each candidate must be made on an official nomination form.   Please ensure that the nominators listed in section D are also copied into the email when the nomination form is submitted, as this will act as verification of the nomination in lieu of supplying original signatures.

General requirements and eligibility

All candidates are asked to note the general requirements which apply to all committee members, as set out in Council Regulations 14 of 2002 (General Regulations of Council for Committees).  Current members seeking re-election are also asked to check for specific restrictions on consecutive service. For further information, please see the eligibility and amendments to nominations sections within the Information about University elections pages of the Elections website.  

Candidate’s statement

Candidates are invited to include with their nomination forms a written statement of no more than 250 words, setting out their reasons for standing and qualifications for the office being sought. In the event of a contested election, these statements will be published both on-line and in the Gazette.

Contested elections

In the event of a contested election, the successful candidates will be determined by an electronic ballot. An email with further instructions will be sent to eligible voters on Wednesday 10 November, using the email addresses provided in the electronic register of Congregation (NB with few exceptions, notably clinical staff, this will be the work address ending ‘ox.ac.uk’). Candidates’ statements will be published in the Gazette dated 11 November. Voters may wish to read these statements before completing their electronic vote. The voting period will close at 4pm on 25 November.

Uncontested elections

If the number of nominations received by the closing date is no more than sufficient to fill the vacancies, the candidates nominated shall be deemed to be duly elected as of the close of the nomination period on Thursday, 28 October. When required, places will be allocated according to academic standing, as defined in Council Regulations 22 of 2002, Part 2: Academic Precedence and Standing. If the number of nominations received by the closing date is less than sufficient to fill the vacancies, those candidates nominated will be deemed elected unopposed, and the remaining vacancies will lapse, in which case, in accordance with the regulations, the places must remain vacant until appointments are made jointly by the Vice- Chancellor and Proctors.

Period of office

All vacancies are from the beginning of HT 2022 unless otherwise stated. In accordance with Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002, in any election where vacancies are to be filled for periods of different length, the elected candidates shall hold office so that the tenure of those who receive more votes shall be longer than that of those who receive fewer votes; but if the election is uncontested or if two candidates receive the same number of votes, the candidate senior in academic standing shall hold office for the longer period.

Further information

For further information, please contact the Elections Office

General Information about this constituency

This constituency is comprised of three members of Congregation elected by Congregation.

Elections to this constituency are open to all members of Congregation. This means that all members of Congregation are eligible to stand for election, to nominate a candidate or to vote.

The full term of office is six years.

The terms of reference and membership of this body are set out in Council Regulations 2 of 2004

For further information, please contact the Secretary John Weston or Tom Mitchell



Nominations for elections to this constituency are published weekly in the Gazette and on this website as they are received and processed. The details of any nominations received can be seen by clicking on the candidate's surname in any adjacent tabs.


Dr Pegram Harrison, BA Yale, MBA Lond, PhD Camb, Brasenose, Saïd Business School

Nominated by:

Mr J Bowers, QC, Principal of Brasenose

Professor E Boehmer, Wolfson, English

Dr A Fairweather-Tall, St Catherine’s, Humanities Division

Dr J Katz, St Anne’s, Classics

Professor M Kumbera Landrus, St Cross, Ashmolean Museum

Professor F Leach, Keble, Engineering Science

Professor J Reynolds, Green Templeton, Saïd Business School

Professor P Smith, Kellogg, Museum of Natural History

Professor W Whyte, St John’s, History


Mark Williams, MA Camb, Magdalen , Faculty of Music

Nominated by:

Professor Kathy Willis, Principal of St Edmund Hall, Zoology

Professor Eric Clarke, Wadham, Music

Dr A Fairweather-Tall, St Catherine’s, Humanities Division

Professor Steven Grahl, Christ Church, Music

Professor Daniel Grimley, Merton, Music

Professor Elizabeth Eva Leach, St Hugh’s, Music

Professor Christian Leitmeir, Magdalen, Music

Professor Robert Quinney, New College, Music



Contested elections

Candidate statements

In the event of a contested election, candidate statements will be published in the Gazette and on this website. The details of any candidate's statements received can be seen by clicking on the candidate's surname in any adjacent tabs.


Dr Pegram Harrison, BA Yale, MBA Lond, PhD Camb, Brasenose, Saïd Business School

Candidate Statement:

My reason for standing to become a curator of the Sheldonian is to help care for a vital part of the fabric of Oxford. The Theatre is at the heart of our built environment, our traditions and ceremonies, and our distinctiveness as a university, city, destination, and home; I would like to contribute to its conservation, use, and future strategy to ensure its vitality in the present and future.

My qualifications for the role come from 20 years of research, teaching, public engagement, and consulting on the care and management of cultural institutions.  In working with these organizations, I have learned about the importance of balancing curatorial priorities with community interests and commercial imperatives, and I would apply that insight to the role.

I advise museums, arts and heritage organisations on their leadership (including ensembles that regularly use the Sheldonian such as the Oxford Philharmonic), and help to train curators, conservators, commercial directors, outreach officers, and other cultural leaders. I contribute to the Oxford Cultural Leaders Programme in developing a pipeline of curatorial and leadership skills for the cultural sectors. I serve on the teaching board of the Ashmolean, and work with the University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) on numerous initiatives in teaching, research, public engagement, and commercial activity. And I regularly use the Sheldonian as a space for hosting events and lectures, and as a musical performer and avid concert-goer.

It would be an honour to serve in this office, caring for such an honourable building.


Mark Williams, MA Camb, Magdalen , Faculty of Music

Candidate Statement:

If elected to serve, I would hope that my experience as both performing musician and regular attender at concerts and events in the Sheldonian Theatre might bring a valuable and unique perspective to this role. I believe that my professional training as an organist, and particularly in the commissioning of a new instrument at Magdalen College, might be beneficial in discussions on replacing the theatre’s organ. I would like to see the Theatre build on current projects that engage with the wider local community, and I would anticipate playing an active part in encouraging a greater range of events connected to this important element of the University’s work. I hope that my presence on the Faculty of Music’s Performance Committee might also lead to more fruitful and effective partnerships between the Faculty – and its valuable work in Access and Outreach, as well as in the promotion of contemporary music of all kinds - and the Theatre.

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