Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC)

The Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) is a main committee of Council that is responsible for divisional and service budget setting, and allocating money to other important functions of the University. The Committee also oversees student number planning, fee setting, value for money initiatives, and other activities that impact on income and expenditure. PRAC sets the budget for IT capital expenditure, approves spending from the Minor Capital Plan. The Committee is responsible for drafting and overseeing the University’s five-year strategic plans.

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Membership as at TT 2021 will be as follows

Name Conditions of appointment Until
Dr David Prout, Queen's Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning & Resources), who shall be chair of the committee Ex-officio
Ms Lucinda Rumsey, Mansfield Senior Proctor Ex-officio
Dr David Johnson, St Antony's Junior Proctor Ex-officio
Dr Bettina Lange, Wolfson Assessor Ex-officio
Mr Miles Young, Warden of New College Chair or Vice-Chair of the Conference of Colleges Ex-officio
Mr Philip Parker, Brasenose Chair of the Committee of Estate Bursars Ex-officio
Professor Karen O'Brien, University Head of the Division of Humanities (or nominee) Ex-officio
Professor Sam Howison, Christ Church Head of the Division of MPLS (or nominee) Ex-officio
Professor Gavin Screaton, Clinical Medicine Head of the Division of Medical Sciences (or nominee) Ex-officio
Professor Sarah Whatmore, Keble Head of the Division of Social Sciences (or nominee) Ex-officio
Professor Geraldine Johnson, Christ Church One of five persons appointed by Council from among the members of Council specified in section 4 (15)-(25) of Statute VI MT 2021
Professor Tim Coulson, Jesus MT 2021
Ms Tania Boyt, Reuben MT 2021
Professor Sir Rory Collins, St John's MT 2023
Fra John Eidinow, Merton MT 2023
Sir Chris Deverell Two external persons appointed by Council each of whom may be members of Council specified in section 4 (7)–(10) of Statute VI MT 2023
Mr Martin Gafsen MT 2024
Dr Nick Brown, Prinical of Linacre Chair of the Buildings and Estates Subcommittee Ex-officio
Ms Nikita Ma One student member representative, selected by the Council of the Oxford University Student Union from among the student member representatives on Council Ex-officio
Professor Simon Gilson, Magdalen Co-opted Members MT 2023
Professor Christiaan Monden, Nuffield MT 2022
Professor Marta Kwiatkowska, Trinity MT 2022
Secretary: Planning and Resource Allocation Section (Mr Kristoffer Tiffen)


Attending Officers

Name Position
Gill Aitken Registrar
Dr Saira Shaikh Academic Registrar
Professor David Gann Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Development & Ex Affairs)
Professor Martin Williams Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Professor Anne Trefethen Pro-Vice-Chancellor (People & GLAM)
Professor Patrick Grant Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)


Attendees (Other)

Name Position
Mr Kristoffer Tiffen Secretary
Mr Stephen Purbrick Head of Financial Planning & Analysis
Mr Paul Goffin Director of Estate Services
Ms Kirsten Gillingham Director of Finance
Ms Lynne Hirsch Divisional Secretary (Humanities)
Ms Tracey Gale Divisional Secretary (MPLS)
Dr Catherine Paxton Divisional Secretary (SSD)
Mr Chris Price Divisional Secretary (MSD)

All meetings begin at 10.00am and end at 1pm.

The intention to submit a paper to PRAC should be notified to the PRAC secretariat ( at least one week before the deadlines for papers given below.

Michaelmas Term 2020

Week Date Deadline for Papers
1st Tuesday 13 October Wednesday 30 September
5th Tuesday 10 November Wednesday 28 October
10th Tuesday 15 December Wednesday 2 December

Hilary Term 2021

Week Date Deadline for Papers
1st Tuesday 19 January Wednesday 6 January
5th Tuesday 16 February Wednesday 3 February
10th Tuesday 23 March Wednesday 10 March

Trinity Term 2021

Week Date Deadline for Papers
1st Tuesday 27 April Wednesday 14 April
5th Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 12 May
10th Tuesday 29 Jun Wednesday 16 June




For the regulations of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee, please click here:


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Kristoffer Tiffen

Planning and Council Secretariat

01865 (2)80756