Terms of Reference and Membership

PRAC Papers

PRAC papers can be viewed on SharePoint

Template for PRAC Papers

PRAC Paper Template 2019  (25kb)

Standing orders

PRAC Standing Orders (Oct 2018)  (37kb)  

Schedule of PRAC Meetings (and Deadlines for Papers)

All meetings begin at 10.00am and end at 1pm

The intention to submit a paper to PRAC should be notified to the PRAC secretariat ( at least one week before the deadlines for papers given below.

Michaelmas Term 2019

Week Date Deadline for Papers
1st Tuesday 15 October Wednesday 2 October
5th Tuesday 12 November Wednesday 30 October
10th Tuesday 17 December Wednesday 4 December

Hilary Term 2020

Week Date Deadline for Papers
1st Tuesday 21 January Wednesday 8 January
5th Tuesday 18 February Wednesday 5 February
10th Tuesday 24 March Wednesday 11 March

Trinity Term 2020

Week Date Deadline for Papers
1st Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 15 April
5th Tuesday 26 May Wednesday 13 May
10th Tuesday 30 Jun Wednesday 17 June

Contact us

Planning and Council Secretariat

Kristoffer Tiffen

+44 01865 (2)80756

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