Collegiate Funding Formula (CFF)


The Collegiate Funding Formula (CFF) is the means by which the Conference of Colleges has agreed to distribute resources between the colleges. The total amount to be distributed is the colleges’ share of the JRAM, which includes government funding for teaching and research as well as course fee income.

The operation of the CFF is overseen by the Monitoring and Moderation Board (MMB), which is serviced by the Conference of Colleges Secretariat with technical modelling provided by PACS.

Further information

Details of college allocations have been circulated by the Conference of Colleges and made available to College Bursars alongside specific information sheets for each college. The two documents below provide information about how the allocations are calculated and the resulting rates of resource for different types of student. 

CFF 24/25 Allocation Notes (285 kB)

CFF Rates of Resource 24/25 (477 kB)