Joint Resource Allocation Method (JRAM)


The JRAM is the method used to determine how to split the funding received centrally for teaching and research between the University and the Colleges, and to distribute the University’s share between the divisions.

The Joint Resource Allocation Advisory Board (JRAAB), which is primarily an expert body, is tasked to make recommendations on issues concerning the JRAM. These go to Council through PRAC and to the Conference of Colleges.

Departmental allocations (including a full breakdown of the data used for the calculation) are passed on to each of the Divisions, which have autonomy to redistribute funding internally, whilst distribution of the Colleges’ share between individual Colleges is calculated using the Collegiate Funding Formula. The Conference of Colleges has a Monitoring and Moderation Board (MMB) to oversee the operation of the Collegiate Funding Formula. The Conference of Colleges Secretariat services the MMB, with technical modelling provided by the Resource Allocation Team.

Further information

  • Briefing on JRAM and CFF March 2024 (805 KB): This gives an outline of the principles of the JRAM and the amounts distributed in the 2024/25 allocations.
  • JRAM explanation (March 2024) (1,637 KB): This document gives considerably more detail as to the calculation of JRAM allocations, including a worked example.
  • JRAM 24/25 Forecast T-JRAM example amounts (295 KB): This document shows the amount of funding distributed in JRAM 2024/25 allocations corresponding to a variety of different types of student, and how it is split between the department(s) and college.