Joint Resource Allocation Advisory Board (JRAAB)

Terms of Reference

The Joint Resource Allocation Advisory Board is tasked to make recommendation, to Council through PRAC, and to the Conference of Colleges on:

(i)     The annual resource allocation exercise;

(ii)     The identification and proposed treatment of funding streams within the JRAM, including those from government funding bodies;

(iii)     The alignment of the model with the University’s academic strategy;

(iv)     Whether a change in academic strategy and policy requires changes in the JRAM to support collegiate and University objectives and if so the mechanisms which would enable these to be achieved;

(v)     The method for incorporating major change in external funding within the core mechanism of JRAM transparently;

(vi)     Related issues about the management of resources and the funding of activities across the collegiate University, as they arise in the course of the Board’s work;

(vii)     Whether, in the view of the Board, Council and Conference of Colleges should commission a fundamental review of the operating principles and processes of JRAM.

The Board should be primarily an expert body, which will make recommendations for consideration by the wider membership of PRAC and the Conference of Colleges.  

Membership is for three years in the first instance, renewable for one further term. The Chair is nominated by Council and Conference in rotation, each time for a two-year period.


Name Position
Professor Martin Williams (PVC, Education)

Chair (nominated by Council)

Dr David Prout (PVC, Planning and Resources)

ex officio

Professor Nigel Emptage (Department of Pharmacology)

nominated by Council

Dr Steve New (Saïd Business School)

appointed by PRAC/Education Committee

Professor Tobias Reinhardt (Faculty of Classics)

appointed by PRAC/Education Committee

Dame Helen Ghosh (Master of Balliol College)

representing the Chairman of Conference

Ms Nancy Braithwaite (Senior Tutor, Pembroke Col) nominated by Conference

Mr Charles Alexander (Finance Bursar, Merton College)

nominated by Conference

Mr Alex Spain (Bursar, Lincoln College)

nominated by Conference

Officers in Attendance

  • Dr Michael Glover - Director of Planning & Council Secretariat, PACS
  • Mr Stephen Purbrick - Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, Finance Division
  • Dr Liz Bills - Senior Planning Officer, PACS (Secretary to JRAAB) 
  • Ms Judith Finch - Director, Conference of Colleges Secretariat

Meeting dates 2019/20

All meetings take place in the University Offices. Papers will be circulated approximately one week before each meeting. Please send any apologies for future meetings to the Secretary (

Monday 4th November

11.15 am – 1 pm

University Offices, Meeting Room 3

Thursday 23rd January

2 pm – 4 pm

University Offices, Meeting Room 4

Monday 17th February

1 pm – 3 pm

University Offices, Meeting Room 4

Monday 23rd March

1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

University Offices, Meeting Room 4

Tuesday 4th June 9 am - 11 am

University Offices, Meeting Room 4


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