Reporting a data issue

With better visibility of the issues staff are experiencing with our data, the University will be better placed to focus efforts to resolve them.

The data governance mailbox is designed to supplement existing channels for reporting issues with specific data.

If your data issue relates to data access, entry or quality, first check the guidance for the data or system you are trying to use, as this should provide relevant contacts. The links in the right hand column under Resources might help. If you have checked the guidance and your issue still meets one or more of the criteria listed below, please email a brief outline and a member of the data governance team will come back to you for further information.  

  • The appropriate contact or channel is unclear
  • The issue arises when trying to combine data from multiple sources
  • It is a recurring or systemic issue that makes it difficult to access, enter or use data accurately (rather than a one-off glitch for which there is an immediate fix)

The information provided will be used by the Data Strategy Initiative to assess, prioritise and address issues. Some issues may be quickly and easily solved, others might be more complex and need to form part of longer term initiatives.


The data governance mailbox is not for reporting data privacy or information security breaches. For guidance on those see the Information Compliance and Information Security websites

Do not include any personal details (for example student or staff names or numbers) from the data about which you are reporting

To aid investigation and resolution of the issue you have raised, the information you report might be shared with other University staff and you might be contacted for further details