Budget Planning Subcommittee

The Budget Planning Subcommittee (BPSC) is responsible for agreeing the multi-year Planning Settlement proposal and submitting it to Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) for recommendation to Council. The group is comprised of the: Chair of PRAC; Heads of Division; chairs of the subgroups making proposals on charges and the Divisional Contribution; the Chair of the Estates Bursars Committee; and one external member of PRAC.

The Subcommittee receives submissions from the Services Subcommittee (for the Service Charge), the Estate Investment Subgroup (for the Space Charge), and the Contribution Working Group (for the Divisional Contribution), and then tensions those proposals to ensure it is affordable in the context of the University’s finances and divisional plans. The Subcommittee only meets as standard when work is underway on a new Planning Settlement.

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Membership as at MT 2022 will be as follows

  Name Condition of appointment Until
[1] Dr David Prout The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) who shall chair the committee ex officio
[2] Simon Boddie the Chief Financial Officer ex officio
[3] Prof Daniel Grimley The head of each of the divisions (Hums) ex officio
[4] Prof Sam Howison The head of each of the divisions (MPLS) ex officio
[5] Prof Gavin Screaton The head of each of the divisions (MSD) ex officio
[6] Prof Timothy Power The head of each of the divisions (SSD) ex officio
[7] Dr Richard Ovenden The Head of Gardens, Libraries, and Museums ex officio
[8] Gillian Aitken The Registrar ex officio
[9] Dr Nick Brown The Chair of the Buildings and Estates Subcommittee ex officio
[10] Martin Gafsen One external member of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee to be appointed by that committee  
[11] Charles Alexander the Chair of the Estates Bursars Committee ex officio
    Secretary: Planning and Council Secretariat (Mr Kristoffer Tiffen)  

Officers in attendance

  • Antony Willott (Director of Planning and Council Secretariat)
  • Diana Boxall (Finance White Paper Implementation Lead)
  • Kristoffer Tiffen (Secretary)
  • Senior Proctor
  • Junior Proctor
  • Assessor













Date Time

Wed 12 Oct 2022


Tue 13 Dec 2022


Fri 3 Feb 2023 15:00-17:00





For the regulations of the Budget Planning Subcommittee, please click here:


Contact us

Kristoffer Tiffen

Planning and Council Secretariat

01865 (2)80756



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