Budget Subcommittee

Budget Subcommittee (BSC) is a subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC). BSC supports PRAC by co-ordinating the budget setting process for the professional services and GLAM (the services), reviewing bids for exceptional funding items, and recommending the services budgets to PRAC. Further, BSC keeps under review the mechanisms for charging out the services costs to academic divisions (through the so-called 1-2-3 Infrastructure Charge) and colleges (through the Integrated Charging Mechanism), making recommendations to PRAC. BSC also reviews income and expenditure statements for the professional services and GLAM.

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Membership as at HT 2021 will be as follows

  Name Condition of appointment Until
[1] Dr David Prout The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) who shall chair the committee ex officio
[2] Ms Gillian Aitken the Registrar or their nominee amongst the Registrar’s senior leadership team; ex officio
[3] Mr John Church One of two external persons appointed by the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee MT 2023
[4] Mr Tony Sibthorp As above MT 2023
[5] Ms Lynne Hirsch (Humanities) One of four members of Congregation, one representing each of the academic divisions, appointed by the head of each division respectively TT 2021
[6] Dr. Joanna Rhodes (MPLS) As above TT 2022
[7] Ms Sally Vine (Medical Sciences) As above TT 2023
[8] Mr Richard Holden (Social Sciences) As above TT 2021
[9] Mr Charles Alexander (Merton College) One member of the Estates Bursars’ Committee of Conference. TT 2023
    Secretary: Planning and Council Secretariat (Dr Benjamin Neudorfer)  

Officers in attendance

  • The Senior Proctor
  • The Junior Proctor
  • The Assessor
  • Ms Diana Boxall (DFC UAS & GLAM)
  • Dr Benjamin Neudorfer (Secretary)













Date Time Deadline for Papers

Thu 1 Oct 2020


Wed 16 Sep 2020

Thu 29 Oct 2020


Wed 14 Oct 2020 - Cancelled

Thu 3 Dec 2020


Wed 18 Nov 2020

Thu 7 Jan 2021


Wed 9 Dec 2020

Thu 4 Feb 2021


Wed 20 Jan 2021

Thu 11 Mar 2021


Wed 24 Feb 2021

Thu 13 May 2021


Wed 28 Apr 2021  Cancelled

Thu 17 Jun 2021


Wed 2 Jun 2021


BSC Paper Template 2021 

BSC Papers (Available on SharePoint) 


For the regulations of the Budget Subcommittee, please click here:


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Benjamin Neudorfer

Planning and Council Secretariat

01865 (2)70187



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